Did you get your T4 slip by email?

Did you know than CRA permits employers and service providers to email T4 Slips with your written consent.  It may be convenient but DON’T DO IT! 

T4 Slips contain your Social Insurance Number, your name and your address and if emailed also your email address.  This could be enough information for unscrupulous tech savvy people to take advantage of you. 

Your employer, bookkeeper, accountant or payroll processor should be able to provide you with a secure link in which you log in and download your Slips.   It should either be via a portal or via secure email.    


If they aren’t doing this and are emailing you using unsecure email be very concerned.  Who ever is creating your T4 should care enough about your private information to invest in proper security protocols.  Security isn’t expensive – it could be argued that not using secure methods is more costly.  Ask anyone who has had their identity stolen or compromised about how difficult it is to correct. 


There are secure services in Canada – some of them free that provide all the security that you need.

Sync.com — free for the first 5G of data and located in Canada 

OneDrive – free for the first 5G 

GoogleDrive – upto 15G free 

DropBox – up to 2 GB free storage 

Looking for a tech-savvy accountant who understands security in this new high-tech online world?  You should talk to us.  We are cloud based, security conscious and we love small business. 

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